Grandstream DP752 DECT VoIP base station



Grandstream DP752 is a powerful DECT VoIP base station that can pair with up to 5 Grandstream DP7xx series IP DECT Handsets, offering mobility to business & residential users. Supports an outdoor range of up to 400 meters paired with Grandstream’s DP730 IP DECT Handset or up to 350 meters with Grandstream’s DP722 / DP720 IP DECT Handsets. Also supports an indoor range of up to 50 meters, giving users freedom of movement around their work or home premises. This DECT VoIP base station supports up to 10 SIP accounts & 5 concurrent calls while offers, 3-way voice conferencing, full HD audio & integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE). A shared SIP account on all handsets will add seamless unified features giving users the ability to answer all calls regardless of location in real-time. Furthermore, DP752 supports a variety of auto-provisioning options plus TLS/SRTP/HTTPS encryption security. When paired with Grandstream’s DP720, DP722 or DP730 IP DECT Handsets, DP752 delivers a powerful cordless DECT solution, suitable for any business or residential user. Grandstream DP752 IP DECT Base Station is fully compatible & interoperable with any SoftPBX like Asterisk™, 3CX™, Elastix™, Broadsoft™, Metaswich™, Trixbox™, FreePBX™ & more.

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